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16 Before and After Half-up, half-down Updo and Messy Bun ideas

Calling all hairstyling enthusiasts! Get ready to be mesmerized by a collection of 16 stunning before-and-after transformations featuring the ever-versatile half-up, half-down updo.

This gallery is your one-stop shop for inspiration, showcasing a variety of styles, from simple elegance to intricate braiding and glamorous twists.

Whether you have long, flowing locks or chic, medium-length waves, there’s a perfect half-up, half-down updo waiting to be discovered. So, prepare to be dazzled and find your next go-to hairstyle!


A stunning transformation captured in a salon setting. In the before image, a woman has long, straight hair cascading down her back. In the after image, she has been given a half-up, half-down updo, with the top half of her hair skillfully pinned and the bottom half flowing down her back.

The stylist stands behind her, admiring the new look, which is completed with a delicate hair accessory and a gentle smile on the woman’s face.


A captivating before-and-after transformation at a salon, showcasing a simple yet elegant half-up, half-down updo hairstyle. Before, the model is seen with her hair loose and flowing, framing her face.

After, the model’s hair is expertly styled, with the top half pulled back and secured, while the lower half remains free. The updo is adorned with delicate accessories, creating a sophisticated and chic look.




A stunning salon transformation, featuring a simple yet elegant half-up, half-down updo hairstyle. The before image shows long, straight hair cascading down the shoulders, while the after image showcases the hair skilfully styled into an updo with loose tendrils framing the face.


A captivating before and after transformation image, showcasing a Half-up, Half-down updo hairstyle at a salon. In the ‘before’ image, long wavy hair cascades down the model’s shoulders, while in the ‘after’ image, the hair is skillfully styled into an elegant bun, with the upper half pulled back and the lower half left loose.

The hairstyle is accentuated with intricate braiding and delicate accessories. The salon interior is modern, with sleek furnishings and trendy decor.




A stunning transformation in a salon setting, showcasing a before and after of a half-up, half-down updo hairstyle. In the ‘before’ image, a woman has her hair down in loose waves, while in the ‘after’ image, her hair is styled in an elegant updo with loose tendrils framing her face.



A stunning transformation at a salon, where a woman’s hair is shown both before and after a half-up, half-down updo. Before, her hair is loose and cascading down her back, while after, her hair is artfully pinned up, leaving a few strands framing her face. The overall ambiance is a modern, chic salon with stylish furniture and decor.


A stunning before-and-after transformation image showcasing a half-up, half-down updo hairstyle. In the first image, a model with medium-length wavy hair sits in a salon chair, looking slightly disheveled.

The second image reveals the finished look, with the model’s hair meticulously styled into an elegant updo, featuring a cascade of curls framing her face.


A stunning before and after transformation of a woman’s hairstyle. In the ‘before’ image, her hair is down, flowing naturally with a few loose waves. In the ‘after’ image, she has a half-up, half-down updo with intricate braiding and elegant twists. The hair is adorned with sparkling accessories and a delicate floral arrangement.



A captivating before-and-after transformation image of a lovely woman at a salon. In the before photo, she has her hair down in soft curls, framing her face. In the after photo, she sports a stunning half-up, half-down updo, with her hair neatly pinned and styled in intricate twists and braids.


A stunning before-and-after transformation in a stylish salon setting. In the ‘before’ image, a woman has her hair down, with loose curls and a side-swept bang.

The ‘after’ image showcases a sophisticated half-up, half-down updo, where the hair is gathered at the crown, leaving curled strands to cascade down.

And there you have it! We’ve explored a world of stunning half-up, half-down updos, from effortless elegance to intricate braiding masterpieces. Hopefully, these before-and-after transformations have ignited your creativity and left you ready to conquer your next hairstyle challenge.

Remember, the beauty of the half-up, half-down updo lies in its versatility. So experiment, have fun, and let your inner updo master shine!

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