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67 Bob haircut and Pixie Haircut Ideas

Are you looking for a fresh new look or just some inspiration for your next haircut? Look no further! Today, we’re diving into the world of bobs and pixies, two of the most popular and versatile short hairstyles.

Whether you crave a chic and polished look or something more playful and edgy, there’s a bob or pixie variation out there to perfectly suit your style.

Get ready for a visual treat as we explore 67 inspiring ideas featuring both bobs and pixies!


A stunning image featuring a beautiful woman in two different hairstyles, side-by-side. The top image shows her with a chic bob haircut, styled with soft waves and a warm, golden-brown color. Below that is a pixie haircut, with a vibrant shade of pink and short layers that frame her face.


The top image showcases a young woman with a trendy bob haircut, showcasing multiple vibrant colors, including pink, blue, and green. The background reveals a chic and modern hair salon, with mirrors, styling tools, and a contemporary design.

In the bottom image, the same girl is seen with a flirty pixie haircut, featuring shades of blonde, brown, and red. Once again


The top image showcases a beautiful woman with a stylish bob haircut. She is standing outside a salon, her blonde bob accentuated by soft highlights. The ambiance is bright and sunny, with a modern urban feel.

The bottom image features the same stunning woman, this time with a trendy pixie haircut.





A creative composite image featuring a single individual showcasing two different hairstyles. In the top half of the image, the woman is seen sporting a trendy pixie haircut with a bright smile, revealing her vibrant personality.

In the bottom half, the same woman is seen behind a salon counter, her hair now styled into a chic bob. The transition between the two images seamlessly captures the transformation and the joy of a fresh new look.


Two stunning hair transformation images of the same girl, taken from above. In the top image, the girl sports a trendy pixie haircut, with her short, layered locks framing her face perfectly. In the bottom image, she has a gorgeous bob haircut that falls just below her ears, with soft waves and a side-swept bang.

Both images are set behind a stylish hair salon backdrop, with mirrors and hair tools visible. The overall atmosphere is vibrant and stylish, showcasing the before and after of a remarkable hair makeover.








Top image: A vibrant and dynamic scene of a young girl with a stylish pixie haircut, standing outside a hair salon. Her hair is a mix of soft pink and blue, with a touch of sparkle. She is holding a hair accessory with a smile on her face, looking excited for her new look.

Bottom image: The same girl, now with a sleek bob haircut, standing behind the salon with her head turned slightly to the side. Her bob is a bold shade of electric blue, and she wears a trendy leather jacket with a fashionable scarf.








Top image: A stunning salon scene where a young woman with a bob haircut is looking in a mirror, smiling with satisfaction as the hairstylist finishes up. The hairstylist is in the background, holding a pair of scissors and a comb.

Bottom image: The same girl, now sporting a trendy pixie haircut, is standing outside the salon, looking at her reflection in a store window. She is wearing a stylish outfit and holding a fashionable purse.














Two stunning images side-by-side: in the top image, a beautiful woman with a trendy bob haircut stands in the background of a salon, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. The bob is styled with a mix of dark and light brown tones.

In the bottom image, the same woman has a chic pixie haircut, also in a mixture of dark and light brown shades. She maintains the same head pose and a radiant smile. Both hairstyles showcase her stylish and confident demeanor.












In the top image, a stylish female model with a trendy bob haircut poses confidently outside a salon, her sleek bob framing her face perfectly. In the bottom image, the same model and head position are shown, but her hair has been transformed into a charming pixie cut.





Image 1: A stunning portrait of a woman with a trendy bob haircut, showcasing the perfect blend of elegance and style. The haircut has soft layers and is accented by a few subtle highlights.

Image 2: A captivating image of the same woman, now sporting a playful and edgy pixie haircut. The short, textured style suits her face perfectly, exuding confidence and a touch of rebellion.






Image 1: A stunning close-up of a woman with a trendy, textured pixie cut at a hair salon. The pixie style is playful and edgy, with a mix of short and long layers. The woman’s eyes sparkle with excitement, and her facial expression conveys a sense of liberation.

Image 2: A captivating transformation, where the same woman now sports a shaggy bob haircut. The cut frames her face beautifully, complementing her features. The hair has a natural, effortless style, with soft layers and a slight texture.





A stunning comparison of two different hairstyles on the same female model. In the first image, she sports a trendy textured pixie cut, with a stylish side part that accentuates her facial features. In the second image, she transitions to a shaggy bob, with layers that frame her face and create a soft, romantic look.




Two stunning hairstyle images of a woman in a salon. In the first image, she sports a trendy textured pixie cut, with short layers framing her face and enhanced by subtle highlights. Her stylish outfit and confident expression showcase her fashionable sense.

In the second image, the same woman has transformed her look with a chic shaggy bob, featuring soft layers and a side-swept bang. The hair is styled with a touch of natural waves, complementing her face shape.

Both hairstyles exude a modern and edgy vibe, reflecting the beauty and versatility of hair transformations.




A stunning transformation sequence featuring a woman in a salon. In the first image, she sports a trendy textured pixie cut, with the hair beautifully styled and full of life.

In the following image, she is seen sporting a chic shaggy bob, which contrasts with the previous look while retaining the same sense of style and confidence.


First image: A stunning, close-up photograph of a beautiful woman with a textured pixie cut. The hair is cut short, with multiple layers and a soft, curly texture.

Second image: A captivating portrait of a confident woman showcasing a trendy, shaggy bob haircut. The hair is cut slightly longer than the pixie cut, with a more layered and choppy look.


The first image features a stunning close-up of a textured pixie cut hairstyle. The hair is cropped short, with subtle layers and a playful feathering effect around the forehead. The model has a bright, engaging smile and wears a stylish outfit.

The second image showcases a chic and modern shaggy bob hairstyle. The hair is cut just below the ears, with soft layers and a flattering shape around the face. The model’s eyes are framed by perfectly styled bangs.

That’s all for our 67 inspiring ideas featuring bobs and pixie haircuts! We hope you found a hairstyle that speaks to you.

Remember, these are just a starting point – don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch and experiment with different colors, textures, and styling techniques.

With a bob or pixie, the possibilities are endless! So go forth and embrace your inner hair icon!

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